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The Communication Trainer


You Can Walk the Walk but Can You Talk the Talk


This workshop begins with the communication/personality assessment and then dives deep into how we communicate differently from others. This workshop includes breakouts and applications that assist in understanding the concepts thoroughly. 

Stressed Out


Has your workplace become a place of stress? This workshop helps identify the common personal errors that individuals make that brings added stress to their lives and the lives of their co-workers. Participants will better understand themselves and how to reset from the inside making all the difference on the outside.  

Build It and Yield It


This workshop helps sales representatives begin building relationships from day  one. We will focus on listening skills, attention to detail, and follow-through. 

Selling with Style: Is your style turning away customers?


This training is for those who want to move to the top in the sales arena. Selling is all about style, and although you think you're in style, your sales approach may not be. This training provides keen ways to change a representative's sales approach for each  sale. 

It's Not About You: Customer Service


This workshop takes your staff on a journey to find out exactly what they are saying, isn't always what others are  hearing. Your staff will engage in one on one activities to exercise their new learned abilities on how to deal with customers from every walk of life. 

Your Niche' is Your Pitch


This workshop is about personalizing your unique 15-second elevator pitch that will have clients asking more questions from the get-go.